Many businesses are paying far too much on both energy rates and network costs.

National Energy Solutions (NES) is here to save your business time and money.

We continuously monitor the energy market ensuring our clients receive the best available price for their energy usage. We tender your requirements to all major energy suppliers. The tendering is completely transparent and a full evaluation is provided for all offers submitted by retailers.

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National Energy Solutions (NES) is an independent energy consulting firm; we offer a unique approach to Commercial and Industrial electricity contract tendering and network tariff analysis. READ MORE

NES is committed to securing the most commercially viable energy solution for our clients. READ MORE

Contract Tendering is the process we go thgrough to ensure you are receiving the best possible energy rates. READ MORE

Often when the market is at a low point many business are still under contract, in these circumstances NES will recommend Forward Contracting. READ MORE

There are a range of different network tariffs and configurations to suit different business types. NES ensures that the network tariff for your business is optimised to fit your needs. READ MORE